Split Second E-bike Foam Cleaner Spray 400ml

Split Second E-bike Foam Cleaner Spray 400ml

The Split Second E-bike Foam Cleaner is an innovative cleaning spray specially developed for use on e-bikes. This intensive, cleaning foam is harmless to the electrical components of the e-bike, but it can also be used for all other bicycle and frame materials. The foam spray is safe to use on z. B. carbon, aluminum, titanium, steel, chrome, rubber. The foam leaves no streaks and is easy to wipe or wash off. The spray also works in hard-to-reach areas. The spray is applied directly to your frame and the bike parts to be cleaned. After a short exposure time, simply wipe or rinse off. In the case of stubborn soiling, repeat the process or rub with a gentle cleaning device.

Cleaning can also be done without water.

Practical 400 ml spray bottle with high pressure.

product number: S2013

EUR 15,99