Split Second Dry Lube 100ml

Split Second Dry Lube 100ml

Thanks to its dry surface these Hightec Dry Lube lubricant does not bind dirt or dust. Treated regularly, the chain stays clean. Split Second Dry Lube is characterized by a very low coefficient of friction, i. H. the chain unfolds its highest precision with the lightest run. The optimal area of application is on the dry road. The advantages of this chain oil are particularly appreciated by drivers who value a clean chain and longer lubrication intervals, especially after driving in the rain. The components of this dry lubricant have been carefully selected and result in a highly specialized lubricant with a very low coefficient of friction. It lets the moving parts work smoothly, reduces friction and protects against rust formation. This lubricant penetrates quickly into every chain link and thus guarantees a lubrication and protective effect that is outstanding in this combination.
Shake very well before use.

Lubrication interval maximum 250 km and basically after every trip in the rain.

The PE bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

product number: S2207

EUR 14,99