Split Second CPC System SRAM RIVAL AXS
Split Second CPC System SRAM RIVAL AXS

Split Second CPC System SRAM RIVAL AXS


This product is composed of a carbon cage and two 7075 aluminum pulleys (14 & 17-tooth) with fully-sealed ceramic bearings.
Designed by the Split Second design team, the ceramic rear derailleur improves the fluidity of your drivetrain, enhancing the efficiency to satisfy even the most meticulous riders.
Made utilizing extremely high-end materials, it contains ultra-light carbon fiber and ceramic bearings.
Two oversized aluminum pulley wheels, coupled with ceramic bearings, decrease the chain flexing angle with minimal friction.
The CPC does not require careful maintenance as the full ceramic bearings are dry bearings and operate without lubricants. Alloy covers protect the bearings from external substances and foreign matter. However, you may clean and degrease your CPC in order to maintain efficiency. For optimal performance, complete this action every 750km.
Weight: 78 gram
Watts saved: 4 – 5 Watt compared to a conventional cage.

Please note:
You should install with a new chain as there may be a length discrepancy due to increased pulley size.
We recommend a maximum 33T cassette for optimum gear changes.
Warranty coverage for the CPC is 4 years.

Made in Europe!

Please note: In this version, the CPC is compatible with SRAM Rival eTap AXS.

product number: S5101.02

EUR 264,99